• BARRX is a relatively new technique used for treatment of Barrett’s esophagus with dysplasia (significant change to the cell lining in the esophagus).
  • BARRX is performed with similar sedation to that received during an upper endoscopy. A specialized balloon with electrodes is passed into the esophagus and is inflated which causes a superficial burn to destroy the abnormal cells in the Barrett’s tissue. A few (1-3) BARRX sessions may be required completely eliminate all Barrett’s tissue.
  • BARRX is considered a safe procedure. Risks of this procedure include bleeding, difficulty swallowing and chest pain. Rarely, a narrowing in the esophagus develops due to the development of scar tissue. Other rare complications include perforation (puncture) of the lining of the esophagus which may require surgery to repair, pneumonia, and cardiac complications related to the anesthesia. You will have time to review the risks and benefits of the procedure with your physician both at your initial office visit and immediately before the procedure.

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